geek Girls forever  
The grownup chapter of geek Girls society

the club you wish you had when you were a kid. 

We are an awesome group of women in our 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond, who celebrate our fandoms, share them with one another, and enjoy the fangirl life together.  We get together several times a month to craft, game, discuss books, graphic novels, and comic books, play trivia, binge-watch tv shows, get active (hiking, running, skating, bowling, climbing, and more), learn new skills, and socialize.  We also support and nurture geek girls society, a club for girls age 8-18, where we empower young girls to be loud and proud geek girls.  Join us!

what do geek girls do? 

We do a ton of super cool stuff on the regular!  Geek Girls Forever is the place to come socialize, make some cool things, play some games, go places together, and in general just enjoy spending time with like-minded women of all ages.  Check out our Meetings page for more details on the kinds of activities we do, and check out our Calendar page to find out when they are happening! Have a question?  Contact us and let us know!  Ready to join us?  Check out our membership page for details!

Make stuff

Do you like crafts?

We do so many crafts here at Geek Girls Forever, and each one is cooler and geekier than the last.  Whether you're a crafter with mad skills or a total novice, you'll fit right in!  We paint mugs, create plushies, knit, do cross-stitch, and tackle some of the most epic DIY you've ever seen.

play games

Feeling competitive?

We love to throw down!  We play relaxed, easy to learn games for the casual gamers, hard-core gaming for those that are so inclined, and we host the best geek trivia nights ever, because SO MANY PRIZES! 

go places

Let's get moving!

There's a great big geeky world to explore!  We go bowling, roller skating, hiking, participate in charity runs, visit theme parks,  and tour publishers, tv and movie studios.  

Upcoming events

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Geek Girls Forever
24509 Walnut St. #203
Newhall, CA 91321



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